Christine Quinn Isn’t In Selling Sunset Trailer

The trailer for season six of Selling Sunset is out, and it has everything—flashy houses, pointed stilettos, and the best views Los Angeles real estate can offer. But one of the series’ central characters, Christine Quinn, is missing.

Christine Quinn Isn't In Selling Sunset Trailer

Despite Quinn being a large part of the show, she will not be in Selling Sunset’s highly anticipated upcoming season of Netflix’s hit reality show about real estate agents in the southern California market. For several seasons, Quinn has been Selling Sunset’s villain, often finding herself at the center of the show’s drama.

Although Quinn doesn’t appear in the minute-long trailer, she’s briefly mentioned by a former castmate. “I don’t think I’ll really miss Christine,” longtime Oppenheim Group agent Mary Fitzgerald says, as she ascends from a glass staircase in a yellow pantsuit. “So it’s probably for the best that she’s gone.”

The trailer marks a turning point for the show. When Selling Sunset began in 2019, Quinn and Fitzgerald were coworkers, roommates, and close friends. As the seasons progressed, Quinn’s feuds multiplied, making her an integral part of the show’s plotline. Fitzgerald, on the other hand, seemed to grow close to the rest of the group, who did not feel as positive about Quinn.

Despite Quinn’s controversial antics, her principal position as the villain has long made her fundamental to the show’s success. Her lack of presence may already be impacting viewers. Fans are reacting, with one tweeting, “Of course they have to mention Christine Quinn… there’s no show without her. [I] won’t be watching.”

Season five ended with agent Emma Hernan sharing with Fitzgerald that Quinn allegedly bribed one of her clients with $5,000 to not work with her. Quinn did not attend the reunion, where she undoubtedly would have fielded many, saying she had COVID-19, although many on the show suspected that was fabricated. During the reunion, CEO of the real estate agency Jason Oppenheim confirmed Quinn “no longer works” at their brokerage and that “there’s not a place for her” there.

Quinn previously teased a potential return to the latest season, telling E!’s Daily Pop, “We might have to get a little creative when it comes to the new season.” People confirmed last August she would not be making a return to the show.

Months prior to her confirmed departure, Quinn went on the Call Her Daddy podcast to promote her debut book How to Be a Boss B*tch and shared that she agreed to be the villain character on the show, but that production took the edit to the next level. “But we’re prisoners, right? We can’t leave until they get what they want,” she said.

Quinn said she’s more multifaceted than her one-toned edit. “In addition to being funny and maybe a loudmouth, I also have a vulnerable side and I’m just like everyone else. I’m a human and I have a heart and things do hurt me. And even the relationships with the girls, I wish we could all be friends, but it is what it is,” she said. “What you see on television is only just a small snippet of my life.”

On April 18, Quinn went on Savannah Chrisley’s Unlocked podcast claiming the cast of women were “bullies” to her, and that she didn’t get any listings, while cast members like Chrishell Stause, who dated CEO Jason Oppenheim, did because she received “preferential treatment”

Other previous agents of the show that will not be returning include Maya Vander and Vanessa Villela. New additions to the cast include Bre Tiesi, who shares a child with actor Nick Cannon, and Nicole Young, who originally passed on the opportunity to be on the show in season one.

The season is set to premiere on Friday, May 19 on Netflix.

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